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This blog is dedicated to the artists at TS Entertainment which includes Untouchable, Secret, Han Soo Yeon, B.A.P & Upcoming New Girl Group.

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  • [!] B.A.P’s Yongguk will be on SBS ‘Law of the Jungle’.

    The rest of the crew will fly to Costa Rica to film on September 27th but Yongguk will join the team late. To be broadcasted in November!

    (Source: itsbap)

    [TRANS] B.A.P for AJ Magazine Volume 4

    [T/N: Small text portion for each of the members’ page]

    Bang Yongguk
    Born on March 31st, 1990. Leader, Rap.
    Going from the underground scene to the idol world.
    Rapping with a low bass like voice is his charm.
    Very active with volunteering and charities.

    Born on April 19th, 1990. Vocal.
    An elite in music that majored in traditional music.
    Hobbies include taking photos of fans during lives under the name Strong Baby.
    Fluent in Japanese.

    Born on June 28th, 1993. Vocal.
    Supports B.A.P with his powerful 7 octave high tone.
    At first sight he’s cool and handsome, but in reality he’s cute and talks a lot.
    Fluent in Japanese

    Born on January 24th, 1994.Vocal.
    A little bit different from Daehyun, his soft voice also bring out something different in B.A.P. Because of his intelligence, he is referred to as the “Brain” of the group; he’s so smart he doesn’t need a Japanese translator.

    Born on February 6th, 1995. Vocal & Dance.
    His everyday character is very calm and mysterious, but on stage is sexy.
    The difference between his everyday self and when he dances, is his charm.

    Born on October 15th, 1996. Rap & Dance.
    Raps alongside Bang Yongguk, ultra high speed rapping is his charm.
    Usually very confident on stage but off stage he is super shy.

    [T/N: Longer text section at the side of a page]

    Coming from the star Mato, the “Music Warriors”, their concept, B.A.P has descended to show their powerful masculine performances. With their hip-hop sound they share messages about society in their lyrics. The contrasting twin vocals who shine and the contrasting pair of rappers, their style overflows. Their appearance shocked the k-pop media with their good looks and fans called them “princes” and “idol boyfriend”. 

    In 2012, a new rookie group debuted in Korea, who held a showcase that consisted of 3000 people. In 2013, they soon debuted in Japan and immediately started an arena tour. Starting in both countries very powerfully and continuing to do large-scale performances, they make their presence known. It is almost as if the k-pop world has made B.A.P the role models of hip-hop style groups. Not only have they gathered fans from Korea and Japan, but countries over the world; in June they finished their second world tour that included 4 continents. Leader Bang Yongguk said, “B.A.P’s dream was to do a world wide tour and ‘Conquer the world with music to make it a beautiful world’ but now it’s become a reality.” B.A.P’s everything for writing lyrics is to put feeling and emotion into the song. They are not just some idols who were made by a famous producer just to sing songs, they give their all to their fans.

    “People of different ethnicity, age, and gender all come together to watch us perform. We see this from the top of the stage and it’s very touching.” - Daehyun

    Immediately after their Japanese debut, they won two awards at the Japan Gold Disk Awards.

    “With good music there are no boundaries.” - Jongup 

    Even after their Japanese debut, they continue to release new songs and perform live events. Right before their fourth single release, “EXCUSE ME”, they will celebrate their one year anniversary of their Japanese debut.

    “Japan is a country that B.A.P is highly active after our Korean debut. This year has been a year where we have gained lots of love and accomplished many of our dreams. Japan is very special to us.” - Youngjae

    In their new song, “EXCUSE ME” they sing “The world is a stage”. They make social change on a global scale; they are borderless. It might not be bad to be invaded by these aliens.

    Scans © rokkettstars | Trans. cr; Mia @ itsbap ; take out with full credits.

    (Source: itsbap)

    140922 - Twitter - Zelo

    어린시절 제가 여기서 땀을 많이 흘렸었죠 흐흐RT : 제가 8년째 일하는 곳입니다! 광주의 조이댄스 아카데미!

    (Source: baptrans)

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